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Discover the Netherlands

Holidays on the Dutch coast

Discover the Dutch coast with 250 km worth of beaches and dunes. During your stay at Oasis Punt-West, you'll get to cycle past the most beautiful seaside towns and walk through stunning nature reserves. Don't forget to dive into Dutch culture and visit modern metropolises, historic cities and picturesque villages.

The North Sea is a perfect destination for the entire family. Children get to build sandcastles, play football or fly kites, because where can you find a bigger sandbox and a better water playground than at the beach? For teenagers, there are plenty of water sports available, while parents sunbathe on the shore. Or how about a bike ride or a walk along the beautiful coast and through the wonderful nature?


A destination full of adventure

  • For water sports enthusiasts & beach lovers
  • A rich nature reserve on your doorstep
  • Historic coastal towns nearby
  • Delicious regional fish dishes
  • Wonderful cycle routes along the water