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July 01, 2023 - Le Voyage à Nantes

Near the resort

Le Voyage à Nantes

Would you like to get to know the city of Nantes better during your stay? In July and August, the city organises 'Le Voyage à Nantes', in the form of a beautiful artistic walk. During the summer, artistic creations made for this event can be found across various locations in the city. A reflection of the world of travel. They pop up randomly in different streets, squares, and other unexpected locations.  

You will walk past about 30 different locations with one fixed starting point. This is the former LU factory on the Saint-Félix canal. You will then walk past several locations such as the monument to the abolition of slavery, the castle of the Dukes of Brittany and the medieval district of Le Bouffay. Follow the green line through the city to follow the walking route. Most sites are accessible for free. 

Do you have mobility problems? You can visit most sites by car.  

Visit 'Le Voyage à Nantes' during your stay at Oasis Les Jardins. Here you will enjoy peace, space and comfort. Relax in one of the spacious holiday villas with a swimming pool, private kitchen and many more luxury facilities.  

Oasis Les Jardins is in a wooded area and near the Atlantic coast near the town of Les Sables d'Olonne (Vendée, Pays de la Loire). You can easily get to Nantes by car or train to take part in 'Le Voyage à Nantes.' Due to crowds, you are recommended to go by train.