E-biking and mountain biking in Seefeld

The region Seefeld – Tirols Hochplateau has a beautiful and varied mountain landscape for the most beautiful mountain bike tours. The mountain bike routes are all signposted and differ in levels of difficulty, this makes a mountain bike or e-bike tour possible with the whole family. There is a suitable route for recreational cyclists as well as for the really active ones. Have an unforgettable experience!

  • Varied routes
  • Different levels of difficulty
  • Fully signposted routes
  • More than 200 Premium Club E-bikes in all sizes
  • E-bike service

E-bike tour with guide

You don't have much experience with e-biking yet, but would like to discover the mountain landscape in this special way? With a guided e-bike tour a guide will take you through the beautiful area and give you important and useful tips for the best riding experience. Of course, challenging routes with a guide are also possible for experienced mountain bikers. In short, a tour full of fun, safety and training!

Bikepark Seefeld

In Seefeld you will find a professional mountain bike training centre. The team from the bikepark is ready to make you fit for the mountains, practice special riding techniques and give you the right tips for improving your safety on the mountain bike. During a two-hour course you will learn to have more fun and relaxation out of mountain biking. Push your limits safely and discover the beautiful mountain landscape.

Bike park Katzenkopf

Since June 2021 bikers will have even more fun in the mountains of Seefeld. The diverse bike park can be found on the Katzenkopf and has a diverse range of family- and beginner-friendly routes. With three different singletrails, an uphill trail, a pump track and a practice area, there is plenty of choice. Around the bike park there are various facilities for every age group. For example, there is an on-site bike school, a bike store where you can rent equipment, and a washing station at your disposal.


Gravelbiking around Seefeld

The region is a real Eldorado for all fans of gravel biking. With the all-terrain bikes you ride over gravel, hill and dale as well as asphalt paths and are always accompanied by a magnificent view. You can find designated gravel bike tours in the Seefeld region here.


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