The 5 most beautiful hiking trails of Goeree-Overflakkee

When you stay at Oasis Punt-West the possibilities for a walk are endless. Explore the beach, the forest, a swamp, charming villages and unique natural areas. Zeeland is just a few steps away and there too you can go for a fantastic walk. Because there are so many beautiful routes and nature reserves, we have collected the 5 most beautiful hiking trails of Goeree-Overflakkee for you. From the resort you can be on one of the following hiking trails in no time:

  • Natural monuments
  • Beautiful bunkers
  • Special nature areas
  • Swamps

#1. 'De Kwade Hoek'

'De Kwade Hoek' on Goeree in the delta area is one of the most beautiful transitions between the dunes and the sea, with an active slufter and a wide beach. This area is managed by Natuurmonumenten (Dutch conservation organization) and lends itself to beautiful walks through the area. Go on an adventure along unpaved paths and discover an wonderous diversity of birds and up to 300 species of plants. 'De Kwade Hoek' is for many species an important breeding ground. This area used to be called 'the quays corner' by skippers because of the sandbanks and strong currents off the coast. View the walking route here.

#2. Scheelhoek forest

For a special view, we highly recommend the Scheelhoek forest. The forest lies next to a large reed swamp and because the forest is much higher than the swamp you have a unique view. The Scheelhoek forest is a quiet bird sanctuary of reed and grassland with beautiful water channels. During the winter this is a favourite spot for geese and during spring birds breed here. Take a look at the location of this area.

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#3. Bunker route

Explore the history of the Grevelingen during a walk through the bunker route of the recreation area De Punt. Along the way you will pass various information signs that will guide you through the area. This way you can read which plants and animals live in the here and what the original functions of the bunkers were. Have you always wanted to know what a bunker looks like on the inside? This is also possible with a guide. Inside the bunker, which consists of 2.5 meter thick walls, you imagine yourself 70 years back in time.

You will learn more about the background of Goeree-Overflakkee during the Second World War. The tours are only available in the months April to September due to bats hibernating in the bunkers during the other months.

#4. Goedereede

Take a stroll through the historic centre of Goedereede which lies at the head of Goeree. The name means 'safe harbor'. The city therefore had an important role in the Middle Ages. It was an important trading post with its city walls. The city has nice landmarks that you can walk past. The Tower of Goedereede, the Reformed church, the mill and the harbour are all a beautiful sight. There are also many national monuments to be found in Goeree.

Hotel de Gouden Leeuw from 1480 is also well worth a visit, as is De Barakken, which is still from the French era, and the Achterstraat, one of the few remaining 'barns streets' in the Netherlands.

#5. Schurvelingenroute

Take a wonderful walk with the whole family along the schurvelingen, which you'll find on the top of Goeree. Schurvelingen, or sand barriers, were used in the Middle Ages to stop the drifting sand and to keep the cattle inside. Despite the fact that many schurvelingen have disappeared by now, you will still pass several schurveligen roads around Ouddorp during this route. In the nature reserve De Kleistee for example you can walk the schurvelingenroute of 11 kilometres.

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🌳 What is a beautiful walking route on Goeree Overflakkee?

The Bunkerroute near Oasis Punt-West Hotel & Beach Resort is a beautiful walking route that starts at the De Punt nature reserve. The route is marked with arrows and information boards so you can easily walk it on your own. Be surprised by nature and the special bunkers.

🏖 Which walking route runs along the beach?

The walking route through the Kwade Hoek is very diverse and takes you along forest, dunes, sea and a beautiful slufter. Spot the many birds and unwind. You can park your bike or car at the parking lot of the Kwade Hoek.

🚶🏼 What is a good starting point for hiking trails in Goeree Overflakkee?

'De Punt van Goeree' is a nature reserve on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee. From here you can start various walks in the area. This area is almost 60 hectares big so there is always a suitable walking route for you to find. The footpaths are signposted.

👶 Which walking routes are also suitable for children?

The Bunkerroute is with 1km very suitable for walking with children. Walk over and past the many bunkers and learn more about the history of Goeree-Overflakkee.