Guaranteed fun for the children

The children will have a great time on holiday at Oasis Punt-West! The accommodations are spacious so the children have plenty of room to play, but there is also plenty of entertainment outside the accommodations. The resort is car-free so the children can cycle or play around without worries. 

A day at the resort

In front of your villa the children can have a great time. Playing in the sand, in the water and looking for the most beautiful shells. Or a competition who can build the largest sand castle? You can also explore the beautiful surrounding together with the childeren with a bike tour. At the resort you can hire children's bikes. 

Go out with the kids

During the holidays it is fun to explore the area with the children. Get a breath of fresh air and build sand castles on the beach or enjoy a nice walk in the woods. There are also many other fun activities to do.

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