De Punt nature reserve

De Punt van Goeree is a beautiful dune area where you can find various plants and shrubs, such as Heelbladjes, Wilgenroodjes, Vlier and Braam. In the nature reserve you can also spot various water birds. The birds visit this area to drink, feed and breed. At the resort you can find bird watching cabins. Through the viewpoint tower you have a view over the mud the Kil and the Preekhilpolder. De Punt is a wide area of no less than 150 hectares of nature and recreation. There is a beach on the east side for shore recreation. You can also find the tram museum in this area, which also passes our resort. 

Hiking route De Punt

De Punt is rich in various nice walking routes but our favorite is the Bunkerroute. Learn more about the history of Goeree as you walk through this beautiful nature reserve. The route is well signposted, each bunker tells its own story. It is also possible to walk the bunker route together with a guide, so you can learn more about Goeree during the Second World War. 

Visitor centre
Dog walking area
Watch tower
Bird watching cabin

Natuurgebied de punt
Bunkerroute Ouddorp

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