The 5 nicest cities in the area of Oasis Punt-West

In the area of Oasis Punt-West, there are several cities to visit during your stay. From the modern city of Rotterdam to the old Middelburg, there is something for everyone to discover. To make it easy for you, we have made a top 5 for you with the nicest cities in the area.

#1 Rotterdam

Rotterdam is an hour's drive from Oasis Punt-West. Rotterdam is perfect for a day of shopping; the range of shops is extensive and diverse. For example, Rotterdam has many international shops, but also trendy shops and boutique shops. So something for everyone! Tip: visit the Witte de Withstraat with its nice shops and restaurants.

Don´t you like shopping and would you rather visit a museum? Rotterdam has 36 museums. For example, visit the Boijmans Van Beuningen museum or the Kunsthal to view pieces of art, or visit the Maritime Museum to admire the collection of the oldest ship museum in the Netherlands.

Rotterdam is known for the cultural diversity of its inhabitants. You may also notice this when you visit Rotterdam for lunch or dinner. The city offers various cuisines such as Italian, Argentinian, and Oriental, but of course also Dutch cuisine. Take a visit to the Markthal, the largest indoor market in Rotterdam, for a snack and drink and to view the building. After all, the building is a work of art itself!

#2 Middelburg

Middelburg is the capital of the province of Zeeland and is also one of the largest cities in Zeeland. As soon as you walk in the streets of Middelburg, it seems like you travel back to the year 1600. This is due to the old city centre with the old buildings and narrow alleys.

To enjoy the beautiful view of the city, you can visit "Lange Jan". This is an abbey tower with 207 steps and a length of 90.5 meters. If you want to know more about the history of Zeeland, you can visit the Zeeuws Museum. Not only will you learn more about the history of Zeeland, but you can also view recent works by artists who are inspired by the province of Zeeland.

Get to know the city from the water and book a boat trip through Middelburg. The canals allow you to take a look at the old city centre. End the day with a dinner to taste real Zeeuwse specialities such as the Oosterschelde lobster in restaurant de Vluchthaven, the Zeeland lamb in De Korenbeurs or organic regional products in De Gespleten Arent.

#3 Zierikzee

Zierikzee is one of the top 10 Dutch Monumental Cities. Zierikzee has more than 500 monuments. You can recognize the city from far by the 'Dikke Toren', also known as the Sint-Lievensmonstertoren. With its 62 meters, the tower rises high above the city. You can also climb this tower and it gives you a beautiful view of the city. To explore the city and monuments, you can take a city walk or rent a bicycle. VVV-Zierikzee offers various tours with a guide who tells you about the city.

Would you like to have a drink and/or eat something after the tour and relax on a terrace? Then you can go to the Havenplein and visit the Marktzicht or De Beuze restaurant for a well-stocked fish pan, sea bass or lobster. There are also many shops between the beautiful buildings in the centre. Beautiful boutiques where you can buy jewellery or clothing, but also large international shops are located in Zierikzee.

#4 Veere

Veere is becoming more and more touristy over the years. This is because the town has a medieval appearance. One of the most famous sights is the city hall in Veere. The interior of the city hall has remained completely in the style element of the 18th century. De Vierschaar is located on the ground floor. De Vierschaar is a museum that exhibits, among other things, historical portraits of the Oranjevorsten. On the second floor, there is a council chamber that is still used for weddings.

The Veere marina is the nicest place in the city. The harbour is located on De Kaai, this is an attractive quay with centuries-old buildings and facades. De Kaai is therefore a perfect place to sit on a terrace because it offers a beautiful view over the harbour.

From the marina, you can sail directly onto the Veerse Meer. The Veerse Meer is perfect for sailing, surfing or paddleboarding. Are you looking for more adventure? Then you can also go water skiing, diving or rent a canoe at the lake. To complete your visit to Veere, you can visit the Zeeuwse bakery on the Rijkendijk and taste a Zeeuwse Bolus.


#5 Domburg

Domburg is located 15 km west of Veere. Domburg is located directly next to the North Sea, which makes the city a busy seaside resort, Domburg is the perfect place for a day at the beach. Several restaurants are located on the beach where you can enjoy lunch or dinner in the evening. The

beaches are wide so there is always a place where you can spend a day. The great thing about Domburg is that there are many beaches where dogs are allowed.

Domburg is also a good place for watersports. The sea is always nearby so water sports such as sailing, swimming and surfing can be practised. Zoutelande is about a fifteen-minute drive away. Zoutelande is nice to visit in combination with Domburg to go cycling, walking or enjoying the sun.

Would you like to discover the historical side of Zoutelande? Then it is recommended to go to the Bunker Museum near the high dunes of Zoutelanden. The museum consists of two different bunkers; a staff shelter and an observation bunker. From the observation bunker, you have a beautiful view over the dunes.

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Where can I go shopping? 

In the area of Oasis Punt-West, there are plenty of cities where you can go shopping. For example, you can go to Rotterdam or Middelburg. There are plenty of shops in cities, ranging from large international shops to small boutiques.

What are the most beautiful historical places to visit?

For a bit of history, it is recommended to go to Zierikzee. Zierikzee is a city with a rich history and many monuments. If you are interested in the history of Zierikzee, you can visit the City Hall Museum. 

Where can I try the Zeeuwse cuisine? 

In several cities some restaurants offer Zeeuwsecuisine, this is often indicated on signs. For example, try the Oosterschelde lobster, the Zeeuwse lamb or organic regional products.

Where can I get more information about the area? 

If you want more information about what to do in the area, please contact the reception of Oasis Punt-West. We are happy to help you there.