Walking and cycling routes around Oasis Punt-West

At Oasis Punt-West you can enjoy the beautiful surrounding nature. The luxurious beach villas and hotel studios of the resort are located within nature reserve 'De Punt'. From there you can follow beautiful walking routes. For example, walk through vast meadows, on breathtaking beaches and along magnificent stretches of water.
The flora and fauna make the walking tour even more unique. From Oasis Punt-West there are also fantastic cycling routes
For example, you can see beautiful tulip fields in the spring in Oude-Tonge. But you can also take a break at one of the cosy beach pavilions. 

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Why Oasis Punt-West?

  • Eco resort in the middle of nature reserve
  • Premium beach villas
  • Hotel studios at the water's edge
  • Directly at the Grevelingenmeer

Discover the walking routes from Oasis Punt-West

From Oasis Punt-West and the surrounding area there are various interesting walking routes. For example the Bunker Route, where months of digging have been carried out to conjure up bunkers from under the dunes. This route is about 1 km long and has information panels where the functions of the bunkers and the flora and fauna present are written on.  

You can also discover De Kleistee, where all the old landscape features can still be found;

  • Sand barriers with ditch structures (schurvelingen),
  • Field complexes (haaygemeten),
  • Alder gauges,
  • Pools and wels

All these unique features make this landscape rich in characteristic elements. Two routes can be walked here, namely the Schurvelingenroute (11 km) and the Zeedorpenroute (23 km).

'Bunkerroute' walking route
Bunkerroute walking route

Discover the cycle routes from Oasis Punt-West

In the vicinity of your luxury holiday home you can experience wonderful cycling routes on the many cycle paths and country lanes the area has to offer. Discover the beautiful Bever routes from 33 km to as long as 88 km. Take the cultural tour of Kop van Goeree (36 km) or explore the history and beautiful nature areas of Goeree-Overflakkee (55 km).
At the reception, you can rent bicycles to discover beautiful Goeree-Overflakkee. We offer a wide range of bicycles, for example normal bicycles, mountain bikes, electric bikes and children's bikes. We also have child seats available for rent. So everyone, from young to old, is able to enjoy a great outing during your stay at Oasis Punt-West.

At times you can also take part in excursions that are organised into various walking and cycling tours. Take a look at the VVV Goeree-Overflakkee website for the latest offerings or ask our own knowledgeable receptionists. They will be happy to help you.

Cycle route 'Cultural round of the Kop van Goeree'
Cycle route Cultural Tour of the Kop van Goeree