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We provide unique holidays that you absolutely must experience with your friends! Our luxurious resorts are equipped with all the comforts, offers a range of wonderful facilities and countless possibilities for both relaxing and adrenaline-inducing activities! Whatever your wishes, there is a suitable accommodation and activity for every group of friends! Would you like to take a breath of fresh air or just relax at the beach then come to the Oasis Punt-West resort in Zeeland, Oasis Les Jardins in the French Vendée or fly to Oasis Coral Estate on Curacao! If you prefer winter sports or hiking in the mountains, stay in a luxurious accommodation at one of our resorts in the Alps! Everything is possible!

Rent a luxurious holiday home

We have plenty of nice group accommodations to book where you can stay with the whole group. From luxury 8-person holiday villas by the sea to 10-person penthouses in the French Alps. Ideal if you want to play a game together in the evening or just want to have a nice drink afterwards. Do you prefer a little more privacy? Of course, you can also just book several smaller 2 to 4-person holiday homes! This way you are still together on holiday, but you do have your own place to retreat to! 

Your holiday with friends:

  1. Spacious holiday homes
  2. Suitable for 2 to 10 people
  3. Fun activities in the area

Fun group activities

Thanks to its spacious accommodations and formidable location, our resorts offer many fun activities for groups of friends. Whether you're a nature, beach or culture lover, there's always something nearby to suit your needs! However, if you go to the Alps in the winter, a visit to the ski area's is recommended. Challenge your friends and practice tricks on the different rails, kickers, slideboxes and boarder cross! If you are staying in the  Alps during the summer and you want to focus on "team building", rafting, kayaking and canyoning are definitely recommended!

If you go with your group of friends to Curacao, diving is not to be missed on your to do list! But moreover, swimming with dolphins is a unique experience you should have tried atleast once! In Zeeland near Punt-West, however, there are several fun group activities to do! For example: climbing at Klimbos Westerschouwen, taking a sailing, surfing or kite lesson at sailing and surf center Brouwersdam or mountain biking through Boswachterij Westerschouwen?! At Oasis Les Jardins a visit to Le Grand Defi is definitely worth it! Climbing through treetops, having a game of paintbal and laser gaming, it's all possible!

Take a look at our resorts below and discover which one best suits your ultimate holiday with friends!

Oasis Punt-West Hotel & Beach Resort 

This beautiful resort, right at Lake Grevelingen and within walking distance of the North Sea beach, guarantees a relaxing and cozy holiday with friends. You can enjoy beautiful walks on the beach, bike rides through the dunes but of course also visit one of the many picturesque villages in Zeeland. At the resort itself you have the choice between a stay in a luxury 4 to 8-person beach villa or a cozy hotel studio for 2 to 4 people. If you are staying with a larger group, you can of course inquire about the possibilities of renting 2 adjoining group accommodation.

Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive & Wellness Resort 

A little further from home, on the beautiful island of Curacao, you will find the luxurious Oasis Coral Estate. This beautiful location is a dream for every group of friends. Pearl white beaches, an azure blue sea, an infinity pool, wonderful wellness facilities, a diving school, a rooftop bar with breathtaking views and a first class restaurant, all directly at the resort! Also the luxurious 2 to 4-person accommodations, the Lanais holiday homes or luxury hotel room, provides everything you desire! Fully equipped with all modern conveniences and with breathtaking views, this is the ultimate holiday for every group of friends!

Oasis Les Jardins

On the French west coast, in the Vendée, lies this beautiful spacious resort, full of amenities and facilities. You have a choice of beautiful detached holiday homes, some with private swimming pool or jacuzzi, suitable for groups up to 8 people! Each villa enjoys a lovely secluded garden where you can enjoy all the peace and quiet during the sunny days together. Outside the resort there is more than enough to experience for a group of friends! Think about a day at the beach, water sports in Les Sables d'Olonne, sightseeing in La Rochelle or walking or cycling through the beautiful wooded surroundings! At Les Jardins there is simply something for everyone!

Oasis Abondance & Oasis Les Portes du Soleil

These 2 delightful wellness resorts are located in the middle of the French Alps, right at the slopes of Europe's largest ski area "Les Portes du Soleil". This of course makes it a wonderful place for winter sports enthusiasts! But also for other fun group activities you can visit the area! Hiking, cycling, water sports, mountain biking, horseback riding, rafting, canoeing, paragliding, it's all possible! After an active day you can relax in a luxury apartment or penthouse, with sauna or jacuzzi, for 4 to 10 people! Here you can sublimely combine luxury, wellness and relaxation with vibrant activities!

Oasis Princess Bergfrieden & PURE Resort Ehrwald 

The Oasis resorts in Austria are perfect for a holiday with friends. Both resorts enjoy a unique location in the Austrian Alps. Oasis Princess Bergfrieden is an attractive resort in the centre of Seefeld. During the summer you can play golf here and during the winter the region is mainly popular with cross-country skiers. PURE Resort Ehrwald is located in the Austrian Ehrwald. Ehrwald is a popular winter sports destination for groups and friends. During the summer, activities such as mountain biking, climbing and hiking are favoured. Both resorts have luxurious wellness facilities, a fitness centre and a heated swimming pool.  

Are you ready for a wonderful holiday with friends! Escape the chaos of daily life! Don't wait any longer and book your group holiday today and stay in a luxury holiday home!

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