Enjoy the autumn holiday in the French Alps

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  2. Enjoy the autumn holiday in the French Alps

Autumn holiday in the French Alps

If you want to avoid the cold autumn weather in the Netherlands and are looking for a wonderful place to celebrate your autumn holiday, the French Alps offer you that possibility. This beautiful area in France, but also near Switzerland, gives you the opportunity to completely unwind, to undertake various activities but also to enjoy the time with your family. The pleasant weather during the autumn holiday gives you the ideal conditions to fully enjoy all this.

Why Oasis Les Portes du Soleil?

  1. Great walking and cycling network
  2. Spacious apartments
  3. Centrally located

Enjoy in the French Alps!

The French Alps are ideal if you want to go on holiday with your family. In the luxury apartments of Oasis Les Portes du Soleil, you will find all the elements you need to enjoy and relax during your holiday. The luxury apartments are modern and comfortably furnished, have all the amenities you need and can accommodate up to 10 people. 

Some of our luxury apartments even offer a private sauna. What more could you ask for! If you are unexpectedly troubled by bad weather during your holiday or want to take it easy for a day, your children can enjoy a game of table football or tennis in the game room at the resort, while you relax in your spacious apartment with wonderful views. 

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Bright autumn shades, stunning clear blue sky, warm autumn sunshine

During the autumn days you will of course enjoy the beautiful nature in the French Alps. The stunning clear blue sky, the bright autumn shades and the warm autumn sun are an ideal combination to undertake wonderful activities. In the meantime you can of course enjoy all the beauty that the French Alps have to offer. Go mountain biking, horse riding, golfing, hiking or rafting and explore the area of Les Portes du Soleil in a unique way.

Nature at its best in the French Alps! 

During the summer you can of course enjoy the wonderful weather, while in winter you can enjoy the fresh snow in the area. But what if we can combine both elements? The beautiful colours during autumn offer a unique opportunity to take beautiful pictures of nature and have experiences. Escape the cold and harsh autumn weather in the Netherlands and enjoy a wonderful holiday in the French Alps at Oasis Les Portes du Soleil.