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Luxury holidays in three different countries and at eight prestigious resorts - welcome to your next dream destination! All of our resorts are located in spectacular locations, surrounded by nature and with numerous activities to explore. Step into luxury and enjoy a holiday in one of our exclusive apartments, hotel rooms, suites or penthouses, fully equipped with everything you might need during your stay. Do you love winter or summer, an action-filled holiday or pure relaxation? You will be sure to find what you are looking for at one of our Oasis resorts in the Netherlands, France or Austria!

  • Luxury accommodations in Europe
  • High-class facilities
  • Situated in prime locations

Luxury resorts in three European countries

  • 250 km worth of beaches and dunes
  • Nature reserves & the greatest seaside towns
  • Modern metropolises & historic cities
  • Fun ski breaks in winter
  • Active holidays in summer
  • Mouthwatering local cuisine
  • Ideal destination all year round
  • Snow-capped mountain peaks in winter
  • Mountainhiking & -cycling in summer

Who are you travelling with?

If you really want to get to know a person, travel with them.

Some of the best holidays are spent with our loved ones. Whether you are travelling with friends, your partner or your family, at Oasis Resorts you'll find the holiday you have been dreaming of. Enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds your accommodation and discover the many activities. Relax with our luxurious wellness facilities, such as an Infinity-Pool with breathtaking views of the Alps, a private sauna in your apartment or a spacious terrace with stunning water views. You'll also be able to visit the historic cities and authentic villages that surround our resorts, where you get to taste the true local cuisine. Who will you create memories with on your next holiday?

Want to know more?

Don't miss out on anything during your holiday and discover the most beautiful beaches, greatest restaurants and best ski slopes in our travel blogs. 


Choose your dream destination