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Skiën in Portes du Soleil met kinderen

5 reasons to go skiing with the children in Les Portes du Soleil

The perfect ski area with children: Les Portes du Soleil

A winter sports holiday together with the children is the best holiday of the year. The key question remains: which location is most suitable for my kids? We have the answer; the skiing area Les Portes du Soleil in the French Alps! The skiing area Les Portes du Soleil is the largest skiing area in Europe with no less than 650 km of slopes in both France and Switzerland. Unlimited winter sports fun for all ages!


Reason #1: Varied slopes

The vast ski area of Les Portes du Soleil offers various challenges to wintersports enthusiasts from all levels. The different types of slopes make this an ideal area for a skiing holiday with children. Les Portes du Soleil offers no less than 170 km of blue slopes and 380 km of red slopes. The"Purple Milka Slope" is the perfect area for kids, full of fun obstacles and games. During the French school holidays, fun activities and the distribution of the famous Milka cow chocolate are added for the children to enjoy.

Reason #2: Fun kids activities outside of skiing

The children will not be bored for a moment in Les Portes du Soleil during a fun ski tour with the family or while practising skiing in class. But there is nothing better than to alternate skiing with other fun activities! A visit to the local cheese maker is highly recommended for example. Let the children get acquainted with the cheese farm, so they can see how the cows are milked and how the Abondance cheese is made! Other fun activities are the Fantasticable in Châtel, tobogganing, the indoor playground C L'Aventure or indoor swimming in Châtel. 

Reason #3: Easily accessible 

The skiing area of Les Portes du Soleil is easily accessible by car from various directions. From The Netherlands for example, it's only about a 950 km drive. This means that if you leave by car at night, you will arrive at your destination already in the afternoon. The children can sleep well on the way and after lunch, you can book the ski lesson and rent the ski equipment already! Coming by plane? The nearest airport is Geneva, from where it's only a 1,5-hour drive to Les Portes du Soleil. 

Reason #4: Certified ski schools

The skiing area Les Portes du Soleil offers a variety of ski schools. All ski schools have certified ski instructors, available to teach the children during the week. The ESF La Chapelle ski school also offers a Piou Piou Club for the little ones, so that they can learn to ski in a playful way. The lessons are scheduled in the morning or afternoon, or even during lunch. This way you can enjoy a relaxed skiing holiday, while the kids are entertained!

Reason #5: Spacious accommodation for the whole family

It's nice to be able to stay together with the whole family in one comfortable apartment during your winter sports holidays. A perfect base is Oasis Les Portes du Soleil. The resort's apartments are spacious (for up to 10 people), comfortable and modern. Both you and the children will have enough space here to fully enjoy a well-deserved holiday. In addition, the resort's accommodations have spacious living rooms and fully equipped kitchens. There is also a nice playroom to play in after skiing. An additional bonus: the resort is located right by the slopes and the lift, this saves a lot of lugging!

Are you still looking for accommodation together with the kids in Les Portes du Soleil? Then book your stay at Oasis Les Portes du Soleil easily and quickly via the button below!


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The most frequently asked questions about skiing with children in Les Portes du Soleil:


What's the best children's slope in Les Portes du Soleil?

Châtel offers a special Purple Milka slope for children. A fun course full of obstacles and games. Discover all the ski slopes of Les Portes du Soleil. 

What is the best ski school in Les Portes du Soleil?

The ESF La Chapelle ski school is a certified ski school with well-trained ski instructors. The ski instructors teach your child to ski in a playful way.

What other fun activities for children are there in Les Portes du Soleil?

In addition to skiing, there are also other fun activities to do with the children, such as a visit to the cheese farm, tobogganing and swimming. 

What is the most family friendly accommodation in Les Portes du Soleil?

The spacious apartments of Oasis Les Portes du Soleil are perfect for a stay with the whole family. The apartments are spacious, modern and luxurious.