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Active mountain biking experience in Les Portes du Soleil  

For mountain bikers, the area around Les Portes du Soleil is a true paradise in summer. From beautiful paths through the woods, to challenging stunts that can be performed. Different paths have been laid out so that young and old, inexperienced and experienced can take everything out of their active holiday. Come and experience it for yourself!

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In the summer the area changes from a gigantic ski area to a perfect mountain bike area. Because of the size of the area you have a new location to choose from every day. There are 650 km of bike and ATB routes available and 23 summer lifts are open to get you to any place you want. There also is the possibility to rent an E-bike. Take your bike into the mountains and enjoy the breathtaking scenery on calm routes or find the excitement and cross down the multiple challenging routes.


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